Hardware of Level One WCS-0030

The Level One WCS-0030 is a (relatively) cheap camera with wired and wireless network interfaces running Linux. We wanted to modify the firmware in order to install custom software, but only non-interesting ports are open on the network interface. Consequently, we have opened the case and looked for UARTs but found none.

The camera does not have screws to open the case, but clips are holding two parts of the housing together. You will have to insert a screw driver (or similar) and open the case using mild force. While the case will likely stay intact, marks of the screw driver can be found afterwards.

The CPU is a GRAIN MEDIA GM8161 SS. This chip is not (really) listed on the homepage, only here (see on the right) and here. No further details are available.

For completeness, here are two (more or less) high-res photos of the PCB.

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  1. Andre

    Scheint eine GEMTEK OEM zu sein. Modell ist eine WGP100-CB (vermutlich)


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